Hearing Instrument Specialist giving a patient a heairng aid they repaired

Hearing Aid Repairs

Not everyone needs new hearing aids. Sometimes a quick repair is all that is needed to get your hearing aids functioning again. At Hometown Center for Hearing, we can repair and service all brands and models of hearing aids. We have a full service-center in our Newton office so we can easily make repairs on your hearing aids without having to send them to the manufacturer.

Some common repairs we can perform in our office include:

  • Changing the tubing
  • Simple cleaning
  • Changing the battery
  • Changing wax guards
  • Replacing domes
  • Fixing the microphone

Our hearing specialist is an expert in hearing aid technology and can fix most issues in the office. However, maybe more serious damage to your hearing aids has occurred. If your hearing aids have physical damage to the outside components or they have been submerged in water, we may have to send them to the manufacturer to be repaired. If this occurs, we will take care of this process for you.

Hearing Aid Cleanings

Hearing aids are an investment and you want to take care of them to ensure they last you for many years. Since you wear your hearing aids every day, you should clean them every time you take them out of your ears. You can simply wipe them down with a dry, soft cloth to remove any dust, earwax, or debris. This will ensure wax doesn’t build-up in the tiny components of the device and cause an issue.

In addition, it is recommended that your hearing aids be professionally deep cleaned on a regular basis. You should bring your instruments into the office every six months for a comprehensive hearing aid check. We can examine your devices and professionally clean them to ensure they continue to provide you with better hearing.

If it’s been awhile since your hearing aids have been serviced, contact us for an appointment.

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