Audiologist showing patient her newly fitted hearing aids

Hearing Aid Fitting

Once you have decided to move forward with the hearing aid process, we will expertly fit your new hearing aids to your unique ear shape. It’s important that hearing aids fit comfortably yet securely as they should be worn all day. When we have the results of your hearing test, we will recommend a pair of hearing aids that will be best suited for you. We will order your new hearing aids and have you come back in for a follow-up appointment so we can fit and fine-tune your instruments to your unique needs.

Depending on the style of hearing aid you choose, custom earmolds can be created to ensure a perfect fit. We can create these earmolds in the office using a silicone mold of your ear.

Audiologist showing a patient a set of hearing aids to fit her hearing needs

Hearing Aid Programming

After your hearing aids have been properly fit, we will program them based on your hearing prescription (audiogram). Optimally programmed hearing aids are necessary for clear hearing. Our hearing specialist is an expert in all the major manufacturers programming software and can ensure your hearing aids are providing you with the right amount of amplification. Every person’s hearing needs are different, which is why it is important that your hearing aids are programmed exactly for you.

We recommend bringing a spouse or loved one with you to your appointment so we can verify the programming on your devices. Using the voice of a loved one helps our hearing specialist ensure you can hear the exact pitch of their voice. Your loved one can also provide some additional insight on what kind of environments you have trouble hearing in.

The goal of a hearing aid fitting and programing appointment is to help you achieve the best hearing possible. Even if you didn’t purchase your hearing aids at our hearing center, we can still adjust the programming and settings on your device so you can hear clearly again.

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