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Hearing Aid Consultation

During your first appointment we will test your hearing and perform a hearing aid consultation. During the hearing aid consultation, we will discuss hearing aid options that we believe will best help you. Our board-certified hearing instrument specialist is knowledgeable about all of the major brands of hearing aids and understands the technology inside of them. When going over your options for hearing aids, we will consider your hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget.

Finding the Right Hearing Aid

The first step in determining what kind of hearing aid will be best for you is to look at your hearing needs or degree of hearing loss. Hearing loss is categorized as mild, moderate, moderately severe, severe or profound. Knowing this information is essential for determining what level of technology will best suit you. Once we have the results of your hearing test, we will use that information during the consultation to determine what kind of hearing aid you need.

Next, we will consider your lifestyle or how active you are. Activity level matters because certain hearing aids are better equipped to keep up with busier lifestyles than others. If you live a busy lifestyle, have frequent conversations in group settings, are on the phone a lot, or work in a busy environment, then you will need a hearing aid with a higher level of technology.

Lastly, we will consider your budget for hearing technology. We carry a wide range of hearing aids at different price points. Depending on what your financial situation is, we can help you find a hearing aid that meets all your requirements.

No matter what your hearing needs are, our hearing specialist can help you! With years of experience and knowledge, we can guide you towards a device that will help you hear better, feel comfortable, and be within your budget. Contact us today to get started!

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