Mature woman on a beach following hearing aid maintenance tips during the summer

Don’t Let Summer Fun Turn into Hearing Aid Frustration

Don’t Let Summer Fun Turn into Hearing Aid Frustration

Now that the weather has warmed up and summer is officially here, you may be excited to spend more time outdoors or out by the water. While summer is enjoyable, it can take a toll on your hearing aids. It’s important to be extra careful with your hearing aids in the summertime so you can continue to get the most out of them.

Here are several key reasons why summer care is particularly important for your hearing aids and a reminder to schedule a check-up if it’s been awhile.

Combat the Effects of Humidity

High humidity, common in the summertime, can lead to moisture build-up inside your ears, affecting the electronic components. This can result in reduced functionality or complete failure of the devices. Using a hearing aid dehumidifier overnight can help remove this excess moisture, ensuring your devices stay in optimal working condition.

Protect Against Temperature Fluctuations

Frequent transitions between outdoor heat and indoor air conditioning can cause condensation within your hearing aids, similar to the way glasses fog up when entering a warm building from the cold outside. Such temperature changes can damage the internal circulatory system. Storing your hearing aids in a dry, stable environment when not in use can mitigate these risks.

Prevent Damage from Dust and Debris

Summer activities often involve environments that are dusty or sandy, which can be harmful to your hearing aids. Fine particles can clog the microphone and receiver ports, leading to diminished sound quality or damage. Regularly cleaning your hearing aids with a proper tool can prevent these particles from causing permanent damage.

Ensure Continuous Battery Life

Outdoor summer events and extended travel plans mean you’ll rely on your hearing aids more than ever. It’s important to check their functionality regularly to avoid interruptions. Changing batteries more frequently or considering a rechargeable model can ensure your hearing aids last as long as your summer days.

Protect Your Investment

Hearing aids are an investment in your health and quality of life. Like any high-tech device, they require regular care to maintain their value and functionality. Neglecting this care can lead to costly repairs or the need for premature replacement.

Schedule a Hearing Aid Check-Up

Given the challenges posed by the summer months, it’s a wise idea to schedule a professional hearing aid check-up at Hometown Hearing. This appointment is essential for ensuring your devices are adjusted properly, cleaned thoroughly, and ready to handle whatever your summer brings.

For the people of West Des Moines, Newton, Booneville, and the surrounding areas, we can help you maintain your hearing aids so you can fully enjoy your summer. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!